Desktop Applications

The following are samples of some of the desktop and windows applications which we have created from our clients.



Now in use by major multinationals across the globe, ProcessWIZARD is a powerful new tool that brings static business process frameworks to life - and then puts them to work in your business...



PropertyPlan is used to educate, structure, plan and manage a property investment portfolio...



TaskTracker was created to answer a number of needs in consultant based business. What needs to be done, When does it have to be done by, Who has to do it. How much needs to be charged...



The VisionCost Project Planning and Costing Tool is used to allow large multi-stage projects (like construction and business process re-engineering) to be mapped and costed prior to commencement...


SCORWizard is the forerunner to ProcessWizard, centred around business transformation projects based on SCOR (Supply Chain) project methodologies...


BackTracker provides a simple way for you to perform daily and weekly backups on your personal computer or office network. Today, hard-drive technology has advanced to the point where removable hard drives are extremely reliable and robust...

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The newsletter editor allows you to create newsletters and assign them to certain subscriptions. A newsletter is normally made out of some introductory blurb and a number of teaser paragraphs, headings and/or images which link back to certain articles within your site. When you publish the newsletter HTML and Plain text versions are sent out to the subscribed members. Special links within the newsletter body allow you to track which articles users have clicked on to visit your site.

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