People and Procedure

Our People

Our team combine expertise in sales and marketing, promotion, design, systems analysis, programming and project management. Their backgrounds include business management, software houses, corporate IT, advertising, marketing and sales force management.

With this specialised core group we can respond quickly to any client requirements.

When required we also have an additional contract pool of programmers html editors and designers.

Our Procedure

Typically, once we have received a brief from you, we provide a written quotation so you are aware of all project costs before commencing.

In some cases a project may require further analysis on our part to determine the exact scope. Where this is the case you will be provided with a fixed price for the analysis.

Once analysis is complete you will be provided a formal specification containing finalised pricing for the project.

Once we have received your 'go ahead', a deposit and copies of all required text and image content, we will schedule your project.

Work in progress and specific previews can be displayed on the web at a private, unpublished address, in order for you to view the working prototype in its real form. Comments can be made and revisions easily updated on the web for your review.

We currently manage implementations this way for most of our clients, and it is especially useful for those who have offices in other countries.

Once final design approval has been given any programming not required for the original design will be completed. This work can also be previewed if required. Where maintenance or data entry forms are written, a user guide and appropriate training will be provided.

Once final approval has been given the web or intranet application can be transported to it's final destination and made 'live'..


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Encountra is not only a world class content management system, it is also a complete framework for application development. When you commence development of an application under Encountra much of the ahsr dwork is already done for you. This includes user security, menu management, content management, form development and data submission, AJAX and server side communication libraries.

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