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Encountra Provides full support for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), including optimisation at site, page and content levels. All customised content such as products, portfolio, catalogue and blogs also includes support for SEO integration with the pages which are displayed on your site. The following are supported:

Meta Tags for Title, Description and Keywords

These are generated directly from the associated content which is displayed on each page, including article, product, catalogue, portfolio and blog entries. The information is entered by the author when maintaining the content. If the content is generated form an external source such as a master product file then the summary and keyword information is generated as part of the import process.

Alt and Link Tags

Every image and hyperlink created in the system supports ALT, Link and Title tags. This includes links generated by the system (for instance: menus, submenus and product images) and those created by the author in the content editor.

SEO Friendly Links

All links generated in the system are generated in plain HTML and are visible to any search engine which traverses your site.

URL Rewriting / Human Friendly URL's

The system provides native support for Human friendly urls. These read as a human would expect and also provide further keyword and additonal support for search engine optimisation. These can be configured by content type and include the ability to specify search rules and folder formation.

Content Expiration

All pages in the system allow for immediate content expiration which causes browsers and search engines to see changes quicker rather than relying on expiry and refresh rules.

Content Fluidity

Encountra sites are engineered to perform dynamically causing search engines to see the content changing regularly and thus visit the sites more often. The inclusion of random customer testimonials, internal linking banners and dynamic linking sections can increase this even further.

Google Webmaster Tools Integration

Each Encountra site is automatically integrated with Google webmaster tools which allows you to perform further SEO analysis and help increase your rankings. The sites can also be integrated with GetClicky and Google Analytics for advanced visitor analysis. This is discussed in further detail here.


Each site provides a robots.txt file which provides rules for how the search engines will crawl through the contents of your site. For most sites the crawlers are told to check everything.

Google Sitemaps

Encountra sites are also capable of generating XML based site maps which can be used by Google and other search engines. These are especially useful if you want to fine tune the control over what the search engine will see when it checks your site and can help when your site features Adobe Flash components which provide links to parts of your site which may not be found through normal discovery methods.

Note: A number of other additions are currently in planning and development, including automated SEO tuning and direct integration with the Encountra Client directory and portfolio servers.

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Should you have a need to produce a finite scope or to cover a number of technical aspects within a project we can provide business and systems analysis services. These can culminate in feasibility studies, user requirement specifications, system and technical specifications and product and user documentation.

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