Publishing and Approval

Encountra provides a number of different options for publishing and approving your content. Which method you choose will largely depend on how large your site is, how many people may be editing the content and what level of control you want over approving and checking content before it is made 'live'

Instant Visibility

With this option articles are published to the site as soon as you save them in the content editor. This option requires the least effort is good for small sites where only a small team may be updating content.

Apply a Status Change

With this option article visibility is controlled by a status change only 'Active' articles are published to the 'live' site. This is similar to the instant visibility option but requires the author to physically select a 'Active' status from a drop-down on the article. If the status is 'Active' the article is made 'live'

Use the Review Panel

With this option article visibility is still controlled by a status change but authors cannot set the active status from within the editor. This can only be done from the review panel. As the console supports various levels of access the review panel can be made available to specific users.

Publish the Whole Site

This option allow you to have a development or staging version of the site which can be used for testing and checking before making the whole site live. Articles are published to the staging site in the same way as the instant visibility option. When the site has been approved the whole site can be published to another location. Please note this option requires configuration and set up on the target web server.

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Did You Know...

Encountra provides an onsite advertising module which allows you to set up both internal and external banner advertising. A customer testimonials module is also available. Each of these allows you to create groups and then to pull a random item from a group as each page is displayed. Randomly generating this content also serves to alert search engines that the site changes often.

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